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New Music, Part 1 – Indie

As those of you who come to The Front Room Disco know, it can feel like no decent music was released since the turn of the century. It is partly being a DJ of a certain age, with an audience which is generally of a similarish age, we want to re-live the time we felt full of youth and vigour. We like the 70’s disco and 80’s pop, 90’s indie dance. And I love this stuff too.

But dear disco goers, and Mr DJ, there is a whole host of good stuff coming out now, over all sorts of genres. Looking at indie (which was my first love as a DJ, way back in about 1991), some of the stuff I am really liking are The Maccabees, with a bit of a Bunnymen/ Gang of Four feel. For example Marks to Prove It, Another of the new bunch (at least for those whose fingers left the pulse of the new in music a decade or two ago) are Wolf Alice. They bring a grungy feel to their indie sensibilities, reminds me most of The Breeders. You can here them here. And my favourite of the stuff I have heard recently is Port Sulphur’s Fast Boys and Factory Girls. They have a late 80s indie feel, and although I am sure they have borrowed a riff from someone else, and I can’t quite put my finger on who. But an excellent track, which you can listen to for free, or even better pay these people a quid of your money and own the track.

Check them out, you never know you might discover that there are some decent new tunes out there, and may even here them at a future Front Room Disco.