Sentimentality and business

Being self-employed means having to make decisions. For the December Front Room Disco I have decided to sell tickets, as last year it sold out, and I hate having to turn people away. The most logical course of action would be to use an on-line ticket agency. Yes, they take a cut, but it is easy, and people can buy a ticket with one click, and I don’t need to sit over a printer all evening, then cut each one out by hand.

However, I also want to support local businesses, so I approached a couple of local businesses to ask if they could sell tickets, on the premise that if they get increased foot fall they might get increased sales. So I am very glad that Saltaire Bookshop and Shipley Health Stores, as well as The Kirkgate Community Centre have agreed to be ticket outlets. So when you go down to buy your tickets, have a browse. I ended up buying a book by the excellent Tom Robbins, and some pumpernickel bread. What will you find?