Take That to Darude in three easy steps.

One of the things which gives me pleasure in my DJing is changing the mood, the tempo, the sound, with just a couple of tracks between vastly different tunes. I was playing at a 40th at the weekend, and on the ‘must play’ list was Take That’s ‘Pray‘. OK, not one of my normal selections, but I can manage it. So after a good few classic pop songs, on goes Robbie, Gary and the boys.

But what to follow it with? Well, ‘You to me are everything‘ by The Real Thing has a similar tempo, and not too dissimilar in feel, more disco, but it doesn’t jar. Then what? Well the only other discoesque track I had lined up was the classic ‘You got the love‘, in the original The Source and Candi Staton version. It straddles both disco and house, with a feel of both.

Which takes us to Darude, who had a big hit in 1999 with Sandstorm. It was a track from clubland which made it into the mainstream. I am sure that 16 years ago I was probably sick of hearing it. But having had a sizeable break, I realised 1) it is fantastic track 2) I was probably up my own arse back then, and 3) you can move from Take That to what we used to call ‘Bangin’ House’ in three jumps without clearing the dance floor.

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